Getting back..

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Recovering slowly after the chemo. Getting back on track. Thankful for every day without all the side effects of chemo. Whew! What a ride! My dr’s office called to let me know the scans looked fine. YES! Not thinking about it for another 3 months ..Hmmm. Take it back… At least till Sept end, when I have my cystoscopy.

I stumbled on this post today, on stupid things people say to cancer patients…AND I HAVE ENCOUNTERED QUITE A FEW!! Worth a read ,so you know how the patients feel about it.

The ones I really hate  are

“If anyone can face this, it is you”.

“Fight hard. Don’t give up”

“Everyone has to die some day”.


On another note, life is getting back to normal. Both mom and sis are back in India and it is back to moi and Partner.


  1. Sri says:

    Good to hear that Shoba!

  2. Ritu says:

    Shoba, very glad to hear everything is ok 🙂 Don’t work too hard and take it easy!

  3. Karen says:

    So happy to see this post and learn that scans are clear! Loved the posts of the crazy/insensitive comments people say to cancer ‘patients.’ At the bottom of most of those nutsy comments is, in my opinion, “Sure glad it’s you and not me!” Happy to hear the side effects are fading and things are getting back to normal. As one of my oncologists once said “those bladder tumors are a nuisance but we can handle them” it’s those mets that cause the problem! I had one small tumor in my bladder after my last round of chemo. They zapped it and there hasn’t been a sign of one since. I’m hoping that your cysto is clear and you can continue in your “life is back to normal” mode. All my very best Shoba!

  4. Xena says:

    Thank you Karen. Sri and Ritu.

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